Almost 10months and no referral. I would be lying if I said I was not disscouraged. I am kinda starting to feel like this just won't happen. Every where I look are families coming home with their children and receiving their referrals. We have been keeping ourselves very, very busy and for the most part it is keeping me from getting frusterated. But today is just one of those days where I'm just tired of it all. We don't regret starting the proccess at all but it is very hard at times to keep motivated. My prayer was and still is that we will be together as a family for Christmas. We have several friends who have just started the proccess. They all have the same determanation that things will be quicker for them. Bill and I have made sure not to point out reality to them because I believe that having that hope for the first six months is what got us through. To just believe!!


    I feel your pain....although we did not wait long for a referral, this part of the wait is agony. Now that we have little faces to stare at.....well it's hard not to get frustrated. On the bright side of things you will not have to deal with court closure and the backlog that has created as far as issueing visa's Hang in there it will happen.


    I have been where you are right now. Those last few months are actually physically painful I know. It will come and it will be amazing and awesome. In the meantime, hang in there...I am waiting with you!!! I can't wait to see who your sweet little one is!

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