Bill has been wanting to start a side job of renovations and I feel like it's finally really taking off. He just got a job through the town, concreting a pathway that goes from our house to the school which is one block. It will be wonderful to have a clean path for winter when the girls walk to school. He just finished our fence around our yard and has received tons of complements on it. He has now been offered a job doing fences for next summer through a contractor. Needless to say, he's excited!

I'm really getting excited about the next few weeks. We have a couple friend who have a beautiful site at a local resort and they have offered us the use of it for all of next week. I'm still trying to fix the program that allows our camera to download pictures to the computer. (Did I ever say we have an old computer?) I hope to take a bunch of pictures and then I'll post them. They have an amazing water park with slides and games for kids. They also have the most amazing bands in the evening. Bill has a few days off so I hope that this passes time as we continue to wait for our referral. We also have the Cafac camping weekend August 10-12 and will once again have a wonderful time with a few of our friends who are also in the process. If my next post takes a while please check back again.


    Hey Lisa....Hoping you hear some good news soon!!!
    Louise and Nathaniel