Our second day was filled with an eager antisipation to go pick up our daughter. It was the BIG GOTTCHA day!! We once again woke up at 4am and waited for the sun to rise and the beautiful smells to fill the air.

We went down to have our breakfest and relaxed until Mesfin came to pick us up.

To our surprise, Emmy came right up to me and hugged me and seemed ready for a new day. We had brought her a balloon again and she loved it. Oh how it melted my heart to have her willingly give me a hug and sit with us. Many thoughts filled my head and I would have to admit I was a little nervous.

The only thing that got Emmy nervous for a few minutes was the car ride. Clearly this was not something she had done alot.

We spent our first day with Emmy doing different things like going to a few shops and getting some food at the market. We decided to go back to the guest house earlier since it had been an emotionally draining day.