So the first 8 months with Emmy at home have been soo amazing! We have made so many memories and also had some challenges.
The pictures above, are Emmy's first day home. She was fasinated with the TV. My neices came over to meet her. They just fell in love with her!
Our first week at home was very, very exciting but also hard. Bill and I missed Ethiopia so very much that one day, I fell apart and was determined to move there. (Anyone else go through this?) I can't describe exactly what it was we missed. Just the wonderful people, the smells, the slow pace of life. I loved being able to feel like we made a small difference in someones day. I can't describe my longing the first 3-5months to go back.

Overall, things have gone fairly smooth with Emmy a part of our family. The one thing we noticed almost instantly, was how quickly we could spoil her. She "Americanized extremily fast!" We were so amazed in Addis at how long she could sit and play with a few bottle caps. That certanly is not the case now. She is always on the move!