Reality has hit that our trip is getting really close and we have just started packing! What fun! We will have 4- 50 pound suitcases and 2-20 pound Carry on's, plus our "purses"! How will we ever carry all of that? Anyway, I can not believe how much donation stuff we have collected over our 2 years. Lots of toys, towels, medication, school supplies, and lots more. I am just so thrilled to be fulfilling my dream and going out there to make a difference in a few peoples lives. I remember being young and watching World Vision and just wishing so much that I could help a few of the children.

We received a list of suggested Foster Home Donations and blankets was one of them. A really sweet friend of mine was kind enough to have me over to her house one day, and helped me with making a bunch of blankets. What a wonderful time we had dreaming about the trip and about the day our children would all be home together. Thank you so much Jenn!! I had a great time.

One thing that has really been on my mind lately is how Emmy will adjust to us. From the information we got about her, she is very shy. I guess I feel like if I expect the worst and then it's better, then I won't be shocked. We are really hoping to meet her father and wow, what an experience that would be. I remember going through my teens and wondering if I was adopted just because of how different I was from the rest of my family. I think every teen goes through that. I just think it would be nice to be able to tell Emebet that at least we had met her father. I would love feed back on this topic if anyone would want to leave a comment. Do you think this would be a good thing? What appropriate questions would you ask the father? Anyway, I will try to post again as soon as we hear more from Cafac. Happy New Year!!!


Yes, you read it right. We have a travel date. It will be either the week of Jan 21st or 28th. This will depend on the visa I think. We are soo excited!! I can't beleive this will finally happen. Only 40days(at most) till I hold her. Yeh!! What a great Christmas present. We are really hoping to get an update when Roberta comes back. I will try to post when this happens. Merry Christmas!