Day 3 and 4 in Addis Ababa

I'm soo sorry about my extreme lack of posts. I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to remember the days after a while. I just thought I would share bits and peices about the rest of the trip.

Day three was a huge day for us. Alot happened! We went to Entoto.(The top of the mountain that overlooks Addis Ababa. What an amazing sight. I've done very little traveling so all these new sights were so exciting to me. On the way down from the mountain, I noticed that Emmy had what looked like a fainting spell. We now believe that it was a possible silent seizure. (We have her EEG soon to check it out) Anyway, with me being already emotionally drained, I took it really hard. I was worried and really wanted to take her to a doctor. We did later see a doctor who also thought it could be seizures(mild ones)

Anyway, we went to the most awsome restaurant for lunch that day. I had fries and wow were they good.

After lunch we spent a little time shopping on Church Hill Road. I loved shopping. I found so many great things for our children. Dressess and jewelry. A drum for Jonah.

Later in the day was more emotional again. We met with Emmy's bio father. He was wonderful and clearly loved Emmy. I am so glad I can share that with her one day. What a huge blessing for us to be able to visit with him.

Day four was spent going to the pottery. This was sooo exciting for me. I just loved seeing the talents of these woman. I spent $100.00 american. LOTS!! It's all over my house now and I love it. We also went to the Laga school. WOW! The wonderful man who runs the school does a great job. The children seemed so happy to be at school. The children just soo longed for touch. They were so excited to shake our hands and especially getting their pictures taken. They then wanted to see the pictures on our digital. They were such wonderful children. Emmy had a toy cd player and the children tried their hardest to press the buttons for her. One girl especially caught my attention. She looked so very shy and kinda stayed to the side more. When I held her hand, she grasped it as hard as she could and cried when we left. I felt soo bad for her. I had stuck a little pony in my pocket and gave it to her hoping to make her feel better. She put it in her pocket and smiled. When I retell stories like this, I still cry.... Is this normal? Am I losing it????