Reality has hit that our trip is getting really close and we have just started packing! What fun! We will have 4- 50 pound suitcases and 2-20 pound Carry on's, plus our "purses"! How will we ever carry all of that? Anyway, I can not believe how much donation stuff we have collected over our 2 years. Lots of toys, towels, medication, school supplies, and lots more. I am just so thrilled to be fulfilling my dream and going out there to make a difference in a few peoples lives. I remember being young and watching World Vision and just wishing so much that I could help a few of the children.

We received a list of suggested Foster Home Donations and blankets was one of them. A really sweet friend of mine was kind enough to have me over to her house one day, and helped me with making a bunch of blankets. What a wonderful time we had dreaming about the trip and about the day our children would all be home together. Thank you so much Jenn!! I had a great time.

One thing that has really been on my mind lately is how Emmy will adjust to us. From the information we got about her, she is very shy. I guess I feel like if I expect the worst and then it's better, then I won't be shocked. We are really hoping to meet her father and wow, what an experience that would be. I remember going through my teens and wondering if I was adopted just because of how different I was from the rest of my family. I think every teen goes through that. I just think it would be nice to be able to tell Emebet that at least we had met her father. I would love feed back on this topic if anyone would want to leave a comment. Do you think this would be a good thing? What appropriate questions would you ask the father? Anyway, I will try to post again as soon as we hear more from Cafac. Happy New Year!!!


    My husband and I are just now at the "waiting for referral" stage of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. So I currently have a lot of time to think about meeting her Ethiopian parents if that becomes a possibility. Everything I have heard or read so far leads me to think that it would be VERY positive to meet with Emmy's birth father. I think it would be very beneficial, like you said, to be able to share with her and to fill in some of the gaps for her as she gets older. My husband and I just watched a documentary that we found at the library, "Daughter from Danang." I would recommend it if you get a chance to track it down. It's about a girl that was born in Vietnam and adopted in the states and then goes back to meet her birth mother. Not a "happy-go-lucky" movie, but it gave us a lot to think about and how we might try to do things differently with our daughter. There's my two-cents! :) I've been following your journey for awhile now, so good luck with the travel plans...I look forward to reading more!

    hey lisa!!
    we are soooo excited for you guys!! it's so close now!!! i can't imagine the excitement you must be feeling!!! :)
    my hubby and i have both agreed that meeting our childrens birth parents would be a priceless gift. as far as questions we would that is something i need to think about too :)
    blessings to your family for the new year!!

    Happy Packing!! I also love the new look!

    Lisa I just found your blog!!! You never told me you had one- but I saw a comment on Ester's form you and voila, here I am! It looks great! I am so excited that you guys are going to bring your beautiful little Emmy home soon. Not that many more sleeps and it will be you, waiting in that nervous/tension filled room, about to hold Emmy in your arms and let the tears fall because it will be real and she will really be with you! Is Bill going with you?? Joanne had mentioned you were going alone- but form the number of bags, I do hope you both gt to experience Ethiopia.
    I'm glad I found you here...

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