I'm at a point where I'm not sure what to share. I'm in a place where I feel time is standing still and I'm going through the motions of every day. We received an Ethiopian update last night and according to that, we should be getting our referral any time now. They were saying that they are receiving referrals (for people requesting infants)whose paperwork arrived in Addis in July.(We are September) and referrals for older children are 2-6month wait. We asked for a girl
0-2yrs old. I was told that request is between infant and older. I am trying really hard not to get my hopes up but it's hard. I'm not sure if I shared this already, but I had a dream of me walking with my little girl holding her hand. The funny thing about the dream was that I remember exactly what she looked like. Somehow, I now picture her that way.

I have started doing some fundraising and have to say that I'm quite overwhelmed with how well it's going. We are selling Sobeys gift cards. In case you don't know, it's a local Grocery store. I recieve aprox 7% of what value I sell. I only started two days ago and I've sold $3500.00. I do have to say that I am quite out of my comfort zone doing this. A few negative comments can be difficult for me. (I'm sure this is the case for anyone)

Tommorow is our sons birthday and he is beyond excited. He is turning four years old. I am in denial about how old he really is. My husband and I are comforting ourselves with the fact that Zalea will be under 2. I just love the toddler stage. That's why it was important to me to have that stage with Zalea. My twin girls will be going to grade one in fall and I am starting to realize that I think that will be even harder than Kind. I can't even imagine not having them home all day. They (my children) are the joy of my life. Bill and I often joke that we'll just keep adopting until we're 60 LOL!!!! We will be broke in terms of money, but packed full with love in our home. LOL LOL!!!


    Hey Lisa,
    That would be cool if your referral would come soon- very exciting but frustrating at the same time i'm sure!
    I really enjoy reading your blog- I can really identify with some of your feelings about waiting.
    I'm not sure if I told you about my blog I started- just in case I hadn't told you it's- http://www.lenatoews.blogspot.com/
    Have an awesome day- You are in my thoughts and prayers!

    Hey Lisa,
    I am also waiting on my referral (dossier arrived in July/06). Perhaps we will recieve our referrals at the same time!