My friend Sheila is back from a year in Berundi Africa and brought these dolls for our girls. She was teaching at a school for children who were sponsered. Just thought I should share the pictures.

When I was 8 years old, I was quite obsessed with death and what happened to peoples souls after etc. I told my mom that if I died, I wanted Jeremiah 29 11-13 on my grave stone. Those verses have become my favorite verses in the bible. It gives me a contentment to know that the Lord is in control of my life and he has plans to prosper me. Today is a day filled with a new hope and contentedness. For some reason I just needed the last Ethiopia update to give me hope and a knowing that our turn is coming. I have been praying for exactly the girl that God has in plan for us as a family. I have to confess that I have had a lot of fun shopping in the last few months, and just wonder what she will look like in all her adorable clothes. One of my favorite things to buy for her is hair things. Hairbands, ponytails, clips etc. I have bought some shoes in bigger size and hope they will fit her. (I'm assuming she will be close to two).

Another thing that has really helped this week go by fast is our fundraising. This is going very well. My husband took the forms to work and sold $1200.00 in Sobeys cards in one day. We are hoping to use some of this money to buy things for the foster home while we are in Ethiopia. We then plan on taking a bunch of pictures and show people out here when we come back where their money went. So Sorry if my grammer is not always perfect. I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants, typing what comes to mind.

I feel like I need to mention a prayer request. My aunt is 35years old and has breast cancer that has moved into the rest of her body. She has been told by every specialist that it's a matter of time. She now has three children under five and is a stay at home mom. To give a little background ifo on her. She has had nine miscarriages and wanted nothing more than to be a mother. She went to extreme lengths to have their infertility corrected and finally with success. It seems so unfair that she now has to leave her wonderful kids. I say kids, because she is married to someone who has been an alcoholic since shortly after they were married. As you can guess, that's how he is dealing with her illness now. You would think that she would have enough pain in her life. Well, the worst thing just happened. Her son (my cousin) who is 5, was just mollested by a family extended family member who is out here from Mexico on a working visa. What a mess!!!!! Please pray for this family. I'm sure God will know who you're talking about.