My baby is 4!!!! What a weekend of parties for my baby!! Jonah didn't sleep for a week because he was so excited!! We had 4 different parties this year. Every year I tell the kids that it will be very simple and well, it never is!! I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy having parties.

On the adoption end..... Well, not sure what more to say then that we're still impatiently waiting. I guess every Monday morning I have a renewed hope for the week. One of these weeks it's gotta happen..

I was just talking to a friend on the phone this morning who has three children adopted from Ethiopia, and she was sharing that her son is beginning to have a bit of a difficult time with feeling different in their community. He has been asking his mom, when God will turn him white. Her daughter is the same age and has not expressed any amount of "struggle" with this. I guess I thought this may be more of a girl issue than a boy.. I'm obviously wrong. I have been very blessed knowing this couple and many other couples in our area who have children from Ethiopia. I have learned so much about their process, their struggles and Joys. We have been doing alot of research about the Ethiopian culture, food etc. The more I learn, the more I appreciate who our daughter will be and where she comes from. Well I gotta run. Sorry about my post being a mix of my thoughts today.


    Great pictures !!!

    Its really neat to be in touch with others that have Ethiopian children, I think our children will also benefit from it !

    I wish we would live closer ! Hopefully we will get to meet in person one day !


    I love a good party.....I say the same thing every year.....keep it simple. It never happens. I hope you referral comes soon for you.

    God Bless,
    Debbie Kurtz