Well, Bill and I have decided to increase the age we are willing to accept in a referral and I feel good about it. I spend the weekend praying about it and talking to friends and we felt that it didn't really matter to us. We have had the infant stage two times over and are happy to give people the opportunity who are receiving their first children. This was partially to hopefully receive a referral soon but also, we took some time to look at our family and what would work best for us as a family. So our girl could now be between 0-3yrs old. The only thing stopping us from doing this when we started, is that the province of MB does not like to have fake twinning and that's what would have happened with our son at that time. I guess the only thing I now have a small fear about is getting a child who is said to be 3 but is really 5. I then have to remind myself that we have spend alot of time praying for exactly the child the Lord has for us and we believe this will happen regaurdless of her age.

This weekend was really hard, not because I'm not a mother, because I am. But because I had really, really prayed for our referral by mothers day. I know this is a very selfish prayer because I'm sure alot more mothers felt this way, but that's what's amazing about God. He can handle our selfishness and love us just the same. Isn't that great!!!



    YOu and I both know that the children that are meant to be ours make their way to us no matter what. This is maybe what you needed in order for your daugther to be reffered.

    I'm hoping you hear soon !

    Believe me, she will be worth all the wait !



    I think it's wonderful. When I look at the faces of my 2 daughters, it melts my heart. I hope you hear something soon.