As much as we are still desperately waiting for our referral, and of course a day does not go by where I don't think about it, we are finding ways of keeping busy to pass the time. We moved to our new home in November and are now doing our yard. I think it will look great when it's done... I can't wait. On Saturday, myself and a friend are going into the city while the men do the grass. (Nice exchange hu?) I can't wait till I can see Zalea on the play structure having fun.

I was reading a friends blog this morning and reality set in! How blessed we are to live in a country that is for the most part safe and filled with freedom. Her clips were talking about the Aids crisis! I really feel like sometimes I want to block out what is happening out there because, #1. It is so devastating to think about, and #2. I feel that I can't make a big difference is such a huge problem anyway. Bill and I know that we want to adopt as many children as possible, but I sometimes catch myself thinking.... What a difference am I really making in such a massive, wide spread issue?? (I realize we can't adopt children with aids) I just know that the chance for the children we adopt to get aids at some point is high. I don't mean to be pessimistic in this post... I just can't help but think about this tragedy. I sometimes picture my girls being the ones abducted and raped and then being forced into marriage and needless to say It just puts things into perspective. I am somewhat frustrated in my community because I feel like we all live in such a bubble of comfort that I will have people ask me not to mention that things like that happen out there, because it's to hard to hear. If it's to hard to hear.... What about them. Sorry, just venting!


    Hey Lisa
    How is the keeping busy motto coming along...I know for me I am just at the end of my rope of waiting...really can't take it much longer....getting the referral doesn't mean the end of waiting but it means starting a new wait a wait with more purpose I think.
    I think I have shopped about all I can just to keep busy LOL....I need pics as I am sure you feel the same way.
    Thinking of you and checking your blog often. Maybe we will get good news at the same time??