I have spent alot of time reading other blogs in this long waiting time, and how grateful I am for them because it has really validated my feelings, frustrations, and concerns.
Something I have been praying about is the whole idea of fundraising and donations etc. Our community does have people who have adopted, and as much as I feel that people support the idea of adoption, everyone that I know of has funded the entire adoption/trip themselves. The other thing is that the couples in my area who have adopted or are adopting, are professionals. (surgeons, doctors)

I guess I feel like we shouldn't really be fundraising since we don't have a fertility problem. We just simply felt like God has called us in this direction as well as the fact that we feel completely drawn to Ethiopia and it's culture and people. I have dreamed of having a large family for so long and this was always a way that we wanted to do that. We are fairly certain that we will go back for two more after our current adoption. That would give us 6 children and that's what I've prayed for.
At this point, I would like some feedback about the fundraising/donations idea. Is it OK to ask friends/family if they would be interested in donating? Does this sound bad? My family has had several really difficult things happen in the last few years and are not really in a position to help, but what about the church. My one idea was to ask the church to help with a few fundraisers. Is this a bad idea?
I just want to clear up that we did not go into this process blindly. We did know how much it would cost, and didn't start the process not having any money, however; it is a large amount of money and we didn't have clear cash to pay for the whole thing.
Anyway, hope this all makes sense.
I just wanted to share a cute story of our daughter Denniel. She is such an amazing and sweet girl, she always blows me away with her knowledge. We were at a store the other day and she saw a Barbie she just loved. It was brown and she of course was thrilled( since they have decided to always look for the brown dolls/barbies) They say that they want to make Zalea feel special by having brown dolls. (Isn't that sweet?) Anyway, on with the real story, she wanted this doll and then caught herself and said; "but mommy, we have to save all our money so we can go pick up Zalea." "She has been waiting a long time for us." I thought that was so thougtful of her. I am just shocked everyday at how much the children understand of the adoption. We decided to name her quite early on in the process and I have been really glad about that. Our children talk about her as if she is in our family already.
Just thought I would share a few pictures of the CAFAC camping weekend last summer, in Minnidosa. Our children had a blast. P.S. Look above post for the pictures.


    Great job on your bog Lisa ! I am so jealous that you and your family are able to attend the CAFAC BBQ !

    Someday we hope to make it down so that we can meet everyone, but we want to wait until the girls can at least remember the trip !


    We had the same concerns about fundraising. It seemed a lot of people funded their own adoptions and here we were wanting some support. What we did is at the fundraisers we gave people the option of where they wanted money to go - either to help us, or to be given to the foster home / orphanage. At the garage sales, we said all oney was split 50/50 unless someone specifically requested otherwise. You'd be surprised how much comes in. They realize you have a need too, but you're allowing the choice. This worked well for us.

    Good luck and God bless!