Sorry for the lack of posts. As I said in my last post, I am computer challenged and am learning a whole lot of stuff. I've redone this post for the third time now and hopefully this is the last. I was having problems with upside down pictures etc.
My husband and I have spend alot of time working in Zalea's room lately and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I saw a picture in a magazine and loved it, so I tried to copy it. We found some wall paper that fit well. My favorite buy was at Winners, where I found the dressers. It was a great project for us to work together on.(Good bonding time) We realize that we will probably have to put the crib in her room at least for a while, but for now this will work until we know her age. I am just dreaming of the day we get that long awaited call or email about our angel. I just am dieing to know what she looks like and how old she is. Everyone is telling me that it will happen soon, but I'm finding myself losing hope. This week was hard!! Even with being very busy, I still can't stop thinking of her, and how she's doing. I have several friends with children from Ethiopia and I'm so grateful for that. They are a constant reminder that it will happen with time. We have spend alot of time with them since our process started and praise the Lord for that. What a blessing it will be to have so many children for Zalea to relate to.
My husband and I have recently gone to several Ethiopian restaurants locally, and fallen in love with the food. I was craving it really bad one day, so we called up one of our friends and went for supper. We are really enjoying some of these experiences. Well gotta run. I'm going away for the weekend and can't wait.