I just thought I would share briefly the story of our children and the joy they bring to us. Bill and I were married for arox. 1 1/2 years when I found out I was pregnant. At this point, the thought of having twins had never crossed my mind. Bill and I love our children more than words can express and we are so blessed to have them, however; we had not planned on having our own children since our dream was to adopt from Africa. When I was six months pregnant, I had only gained a few pounds and I was getting quite concerned. I had been extremely nauseous in the first six months and kept down very little food. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound at this point, and to my shock, I found out we would have twins. The girls were born healthy and weighed 5 pounds 3ounces and 4 pounds 14ounces. I have never experienced such amazing instant love in my whole life. It would be impossible to describe the first year with my girls. My mother was fighting breast cancer at the time, my father in law had had a heart attack so my mother in law was busy taking care of her husband. I was on my own!!! Bill had a job where he worked very long days and often didn't get home till very late. Anyway, when the girls turned one year old, I again found out I was pregnant, and nine months later, our beautiful son was born. He weighed 5 pounds 13ounces. He was so little because the cord was in several knots.
At this point I had three children under two!!! Life was busy to say the least. Although life was a complete blur, I do remember praying for one thing..... I prayed many, many times, that the girls would become best friends. To describe my girls as best friends today, would be an under statement. From the moment they wake up in the morning, until the moment they go to bed, they are together. I can not describe what a joy it is to see the love between them. They are such great "big" sisters to Jonah. They include him in their daily activities and really do their best to make him feel included.
Well, that's my mini brag page of my children. Gotta run. Love you guys.