HELLO!!!! Welcome to my very first attempt at doing a blog posting. To give you a brief overview on myself and my family, here goes. My name is Lisa and I have been married to my husband Bill for seven years. We have three WONDERFUL children Breahnna and Denniel who are almost six and are twins. We also have an almost four year old (Jonah). We are now waiting for a refferal for our daughter from Ethiopia.

I have so many things to share, but I would like to start with the reason we are adopting because I'm sure you can tell that it's not a fertility problem.

When I was 6 years old, my dad took my sister and me to see "The African Childrens Choir!" They were amazing, but mostly, it was that day I remember as being the day that changed many of my hopes and dreams for my life. I fell in love with those children that night. When I was old enough to understand that they were orphans and alot of children in parts of Africa were in need of parents, I set it in my heart that one day I would adopt as many as the Lord would allow me to. That dream has never left me. When I met my husband and I found out this was also a dream of his, I was certain that this was the road the Lord wanted us to travel. My husband and I at this point, had decided that we were happy not to have our own biological children but that we would just adopt. I then found out just shortly after this, that I was pregnant. When I was six months pregnant, I found out it was twins. I would be lieing if I said that I wasn't disapoined. I know that for those of you who have really struggled with infertility, this is probably upsetting to even hear. Because I had some friends who struggled with infertility, I didn't show my feelings to anyone. It was after a surprise pregnancy with my son that I couldn't hide my feelings anymore. It was almost a feeling of guilt(the fact that I was pregnant) That must sound crazy, but it was because I felt that there was so many children without parents, that why would I bring more into the world, especially because we felt called to adopt.

We started our process of adoption on April 4th 2006. So we have been working on it exactly one year. What a rollarcoaster of emotions!!!! When we started, we were so excited and determined to be patient and not let it become an obsession. That is easier said then done. We are working through an agency called CAFAC. What a wonderful team. They have been just amazing to work with. I would recomend them to anyone concidering adoption in Canada. Our dossier arrived on Oct 2nd 2006. We have now been waiting for 6 months and 2 days. I am having a much harder time waiting then my husband. I can honestly say that the bonding that happens when you are pregnant, has happened every bit as much for me in this process. How awsome is that. I have cried for this child just like in my pregnancies.


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