Our Journey To Emmy

Here is a slide show of our complete adoption journey- Enjoy!!


    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to make your slideshow... It's such a beautiful journey. I am so thankful that all the waiting is finally over and Emmy is finally home safe in your arms- your family is so complete and beautiful.
    Thank you for all the times of sharing with me in your journey... it was all worth it. I keep reminding myself my time will come too- and you will be saying to me these very words- lol!
    God knew all the hard waits would be worth every moment of holding your little girl in your arms... and the same is for all of us waiting for our children. Thank you for your friendship and encouragement!
    Love ya!

    That is so amazing!!! Congratulations:)

    Hi there,

    That is the most outstanding, beautiful slide show I have seen! What an amazing tribute to your daughter!

    We are adopting two girls from Ethiopia, to add to our six boys. :o)

    Blessings, Justine

    Ohh Lisa and Bill- she's really home in your arms and with the rest of your family!! I finally saw pictures at J&A's on Fri- little Emmy is completely beautiful. What an amazing gift! You are so blessed to have her join your family. I look forward to meeting her in person on Friday and hearing more about your experience in Ethio!
    (Seeing your family together gives me such hope that our day is coming!)

    that was a beautiful slideshow lisa, thankyou for sharing that with us! emmy is soooo adorable, after having gotten pictures of her in ethiopia, so sad and teary looking...it must be so nice to see her SMILE :)
    bless your family!!

    That was so beautiful! You had me in tears! For all of us still waiting for referrals, it just makes us remember that one day our children will be in our arms and be part of our forever family.


    WOW! Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

    We are leaving on that very same journey in a week. Thank you very much for sharing. Your little family looks like you have always been together. Way to go!

    What an amazing video !!! Your family looks soo wonderful together !

    Thank you for sharing with us ! It brought back so much memories from our time in Ethiopia with our girls !

    Can't wait for more posts !


    Thanks for sharing your slide show. I really enjoyed watching it. You have a beautiful family.

    Heya Lisa;

    funny, I've met you on-line several times, but I didn't know you had a blog - just stumbled across it today! So nice to see your beautiful adoption video - and great to see you with your babe in arms.



    On March 17, 2008 at 6:54 PM Heather Blake said...

    Oh, your video took me back to last August.....Mesfin was there when we first met our daughter Samrawit......and it was amazing. Your photos brought back wonderful memories of Ethiopia, and your Emmy is a real gem......
    We are now in the process of adopting number 6 and 7 ----older siblings from Samra's same orphanage....
    ps...I'd love to email you my video if you'd like to see it....please email me!