Did I mention that I am a terrible "Waiter"? This two year wait has just really drained me. We have been keeping busy and that has been important. We are currently waiting to hear about how the court day on Tuesday went. We are also waiting for our update on how Emebet is doing, her weight and height. We are praying for a complete miracle to bring her home for Christmas but we know the chances are slim.

Our children seem to realize that she will be coming soon and are very excited. They have colored many pictures for her and have written her letters and cards. There is a part of me that worries about how Jonah will feel not being the baby anymore. I do know though, that the Lord led us to do this adoption and he will help us through any struggles that come up.

Plans for the fundraiser are coming along really well. We have had an excellent response to the people we have talked to. I expect the turn out to be good. A friend of mine works for the local paper and is doing a story on our international adoption and will put our fundraiser in the paper so that should help.

We have done very little packing or preparing for the trip. I am thinking we will get a new travel package from Cafac as far as donations needed and what types of gifts and how many we will need. I look forward to getting the travel date and then I will be pumped to pack. It kinda still seems so unreal that we are even doing this. We have dreamed about it for so long that I can't believe it's actually going to happen. I will post as soon as we have our update.