Update on Paperwork!!! YEHHH!!!

WOW!! Praise the Lord!! We got our court date for Emebet's hearing. This means that because her father is still living, he needs to show up at the court house to officially relinquish his rights.

The thought of this makes me teary eyed every time. The thought of relinquishing my rights to any one of my children is devastating. I can not imagine the point where I could not feed my child, but loved them so much that I would give them to someone who could provide. I don't in any way think that adoption is the perfect solution to poverty, however; I do think that the people who adopt these children have good intentions and desire to help and love these children.

Another exciting thing that happened is that we have got our BO number. This is yet another important step to be able to travel. We now wait for the court date to be over and Pray that the Lord will allow Emmy's father to get a way of making it to the court house. This can be very difficult. He lives approx 3hours driving from Addis and will need to be first of all notified of the date of the hearing. Someone will drive to where he is and tell him, and then have transportation to the city.

Once the court date is over and if it is all approved, then the medical part of the immigration work can start. (This is how it was explained to me) At this point her birth certificate can be redone and so on. PLEASE PRAY that he will be able to show to the court hearing on Oct 23.

I would also appreciate prayer for a fundraiser I am hoping to do locally. I am thinking of doing a sausage and Kielke supper and maybe having someone who has adopted to speak on the experience for them. I would LOVE feedback on this idea or other good fundraising ideas.


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    Congratulations on your court date and Bo number !!!

    YEAH one step closer to having your daugther in your arms !

    For fundraisers... when we were doing some for our trip with CHOIR, we raised over $2000 in a yard sale (with donated items from people we knew) plus another $1000 from a ticket sale on things that were donate to us (golf passes and restaurant vouchers)....

    just a few ideas, however I find that doing a supper and having a guest could work very well. Please keep us posted on how things go !


    that is great news. It will all fall into place now and before you know it you'll be travelling.