Wow, I've never waited for anything in my life so desperately. The first month after we received our referral was ok. We enjoyed sharing her pictures with family and friends and really just relaxed about the whole thing. We have now been waiting 1 1/2months and needless to say, I'm ready to go get her. Nothing as far as packing has been done because I know that once I start putting stuff together, every day will feel like forever.

Something we are praying about right now is our court date. The courts reopen tomorrow from their new years celebration. It's frustrating because first, we had to wait for the court to reopen and now it could be a while for us to even get our court date. I really hope because Emmys father is still living, that he can come to the courts and this would shorten the process a little. We also need our BO number and medical forms. This apparently is kinda done by luck.(when you get them) So frustrating!! I just want this to all be over. I just want my girl home! Roberta is in Ethiopia right now and will bring home updated pictures and her sizes. This is a little encouraging but it's not her.


    Hey Lisa- I though youd like this:


    We're praying along with you that the birth father is available for court. The wait can be aganozing so hopefully yours will speed by with grace and ease!

    We will pray also. My name is Leah Krahn, my husband and I are waiting for our proposal for a little girl. We live in Victoria.

    Hey lisa what happened- to the last blog you wrote? I really enjoyed it- it was vulnerable and blunt. You should always write about your feelings like that. :)