Emebet's room has been soo much fun for us to work on while we are waiting for her. I go into her room a couple of times a day and just enjoy the bright beautiful room and all the things we've bought and received just for her. It's so hard to really imagine her in her room playing or sleeping in her room. If I spend too much time thinking about REALLY receiving her in my arms, I of course start to cry. We spent an evening with our friends who just got home with their two new daughters from Ethiopia and WOW! What fun to hear all their stories of things that happened and things they learned while in Ethiopia. The culture is definitely different than we are used to in many ways. Their girls are the most lovable children ever. Bill had so much fun getting Tess to laugh that I couldn't help but picture him with Emebet. We can't wait!!!


    Emmy's room is perfect !!! I love the pictures on the wall !!!

    I remember doing the same thing, going into the girl's room and could not imagine them being in there sleeping and playing.. but it DOES happen and its an incredible feeling.. can't wait for you to have her home !


    Here room is beautiful! Wow!!

    I love your duaghter's room. I also did the same thing as you do. I am so glad we had our girl's room finished before we left...there simply is no time or urge to do anthing more. It's beautiful.

    I have been trying to email Josie and her email won't through if you are talking with her let her know.....I have some great pictures for her.