Ok, now that some of the parties and celebration are over, it's time to get back to having a schedule. I thought I'd share the story of how we received the news and the days leading up to that exciting day. Last weekend was the Cafac camping weekend in Minnidosa. We got there on Friday night, put up our tent and just relaxed around the fire with friends of ours who are also in the process. I tried soo hard not to focus on the referral and just have fun. During Friday night, it rained and got extremely windy and cold. When we woke up in the morning, everyone was hibernating in their tents or in the pavilion. We had breakfest and took a walk to find other friends we had met last summer at the Cafac weekend. We ran into Deb and Roberta and chatted for a while. I was very determined to make it the best weekend possible even though I was very disappointed to come without a referral. Later that day, Bill and I had a talk with Roberta and she left a few hints that our referral was close. By Saturday evening, we were soooo cold that we decided to head home and warm up. Of course Monday seemed like a long day. I had kinda wondered if Debra had brought our referral with her since she just came home from Ethiopia. This meant that it should get to us very soon if that was the case. We went to bed disappointed on Monday and just again prayed for the Lords timing. This prayer was getting really difficult to pray. On Tuesday morning, I decided I would not pick up any phone calls since I had been getting alot of questions regarding the weekend and weather we knew anything. At 9:00am the phone rang and I let the answering machine get it. I heard "HI LISA!" "IT'S ARLEIGH FROM CAFAC", Well needless to say, I've never ran to the phone so fast in my life. Anyone who is in the process or has ever been, knows that they don't generally call. She asked if Bill was home and I assured her that he would be in five minutes. I then called Bill at work and he came home to share the wonderful news with me. When we heard her name was Emebet, we immediately decided to call her Emmy for short but leave her legal name Emebet. So her full name is Emebet Joy Rempel. I know many of you are confused because we were going to name her Zalea. Well, sorry we changed our mind. It was also her name given by her biological parents and we felt that it was the one and only thing she could keep from them. Anyway, here is some of the information we were given about her. She just turned 2 on July 12 and weighs 18 pounds.(pretty tiny hey?) She is potty trained and is speaking a few words. She came to the foster home in early July and was matched with us almost immediately. One thing I can't show but must share is that she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. She is soooo adorable. I have never experienced such instant love. Now comes MORE WAITING!! I am comforted knowing that she has been saved for us and we have excepted the referral. We are determined to make the best of each day and enjoy getting ready for her arrival home.


    Congratulations on your referral. What a beautiful name! What a precious joy it is to know the face of your child, the name that will ring from her lips and the arms that will hug you for so long! Congratulations on this joyous wait...

    Love Sheri, Lyle and Mikiyas