Wow! My husband and I are having just a wonderful time getting to know other families who have children or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Cafac was generous enough to hook us up with other adoptive families who received their referrals at the same time as us. We have been emailing each other and sharing our joys together. How exciting is that! It is soo amazing to me, how very attatched I have gotten to my Emmy. All the other referral pictures are awsome and the children are beautiful but you develope a bond with your own that I can't describe. You know, people say that your child starts to look like you even if they are adopted... I can see it now. Anyway, a couple that Bill and I just met left for Ethiopia today, to pick up their two girls. We got together with them on Friday night and were just thrilled when they offered to take a little gift to Emebet. We sent a teddy bear, a little doll, and a small photo album of our family and her room. I really hope and pray that she will be able to see the pictures and enjoy the bear. I can't wait to hear about their trip when they get back.
The pictures above are on Ethiopia day at the park. There was tons of fun for the kids. They had a lot of games and races for the children and then in the end, all of them got a metal with Ethiopia Day engraved in the back. Our children made some great friends and had a wonderful time. We have decided that we do not want to focus on not having Emebet yet and just obsessing about trying to speed the process of paperwork, but rather just enjoy this time of research, getting to know others and enjoying our family as it is right now.(We will need prayer in this area)