I am so sorry about my lack of posts in the last while. We have had quite the busy summer so far. My aunt who is just a few years older than me has just gone into her last stage of cancer so needless to say this has been very difficult. She has three young children who are such incredible mommy children, it's unreal. We often talked about us adopting and although that's not really her culture to mix cultures, she has been a big support. I have been replaying things her and I did together as kids, the things she and I talked about and the physical things I have from her. I am really hoping I will have the opportunity to share my picture of our angel with her. I guess I have been feeling so depressed and I don't want to just have a sad negative post so I just don't post at all. I then took the time to think about what my purpose in posting was and reminded myself that it's for me and if that's how I've been feeling lately then why shouldn't I be honest?

I want to congratulate my friend who has been trying to conceive and is finally pregnant!!! Congratulations Lena! I love you and I'm very happy for you!