The flight home went so much better than we had antisipated. Emmy fell asleep almost as soon as our flight left Addis. She slept all the way to Frankfurt. What a blessing. The only problem we ran into was... because she was 2 years old, she was required to buckle in her own seat. She was terrified. She had pretty much been attatched to my hip since the second day. She screamed so loud the whole plane could hear her.

When we arrived in Toronto, I felt mixed emotions. I could hardly believe that a short time ago we were half way around the world. I had missed Denniel, Breahnna, and Jonah so VERY much that I could hardly WAIT to see them. I also felt a sadness to have left Ethiopia. If Bill and I had had our children with, it would have been tempting just to stay there. (Not really) But we did love it there.

There was a huge snow storm in Toronto so needless to say, we had a delay. We didn't know how long the delay would be. We were so nervous that we would miss seeing all our friends at the airport. So we were an hour late in leaving, but the flight was fine. I knew I should sleep but just could'nt. All I wanted was to see my kids back home.

When we landed and walked past the doors to see our children, all I heard was my Breahnna screaming MOMMY!!!! Oh how precious!! I had tears welling up but fought them back not to scare Emmy. I had never left our children for more than one night so this was huge!!