Welcome Home to Shadae and Tesahni

Welcome home to our new friends Shadae and Tesahni. They are beautiful daughters to Jossie and Earl. Congratulations guys!! We look forward to getting to know you better.

Things on our end seem to be slow again now. We received our acceptance of referral package and sent that back to them. We also have received our letter of no objection from the province of MB. I think as I understand, we are going to get our BO number soon. I'm having a hard time understanding the whole process. We're trying though.

Emebets room is all ready for her and we can't wait. The only thing I am unsure of is the size of smaller clothes to get her. I don't know how much she will grow in the foster home between now and the time we go get her. We will just wait to buy the small sizes until we have her size. I am soo happy with how her room turned out. It was wonderful to have something to keep us busy during the wait. The first 6 weeks of waiting to travel has gone well. It has gone by fast. I was so relieved when we received the referral that I now finally have a picture of my girl, that I have relaxed soo much knowing she is mine/ours. Praise the Lord. I have a shoe fetish and I can't wait to buy cute shoes for her.


    I would love to see a picture of her room Lisa if you are sharing !

    Hope the rest of the wait flies by and can't wait to see pictures of your whole family together !