I don't know who ordered the weather this weekend, but it was freezing and WINDY!!! We arrived in Minnidosa later friday evening and set up our tent. Last year when we had been at the camping weekend, we had tons of rain during the night and this year it was a cold wind. We made a fire and sat around the fire until 2am with some of our friends. We had a great time chatting, laughing and being kids. During the night, it got even more windy and rained. We were so tired we slept through it all. Saturday morning was no different as far as weather. We went to go mingle with some of the other families who came out. We also saw Roberta and Debra, Arleigh and the other crew. That was special to see them in person. I was shocked at the amount of people. I think Roberta said 250 people. It was somewhat encouraging to see all the beautiful children and know that it will happen for us. I also know that what everyone says is true. The wait will be worth it all.

Congratulations to my friend Lisa who just arrived home with their two beautiful daughters. Welcome home girls!!!


    Thank you for our welcome home !!!

    Its too bad the weather was not better last week-end !! I SOOOO wish we would live closer and could attend and see you and your family in person..

    Hopefully someday we will meet !